Granite Warehouses Showcase Fine Stone

granite warehouses torontoGranite Warehouses Showcase Fine Stone
Do you know enough about choosing stone for your new home or home renovation? Some people are overwhelmed by the task, and delegate it to their contractor. Others are under the impression that it's possible to make a good choice by looking at a few tiny samples and picking one. There is a third option: educate yourself about fine stone, and see the range of choices available. With a modest investment of time, you can learn a lot about granite and other types of stone used for countertops and floors. The process is easy – simply pay a visit to one of the fine stone importer/distributors in the Toronto area.
Most experienced and reputable companies specializing in granite, marble, and other fine types of stone are happy to welcome you to tour their showrooms or warehouses. One family company even provides you with a cup of espresso as their experienced personnel point out different types, styles, and colours of granite from throughout the world. By actually seeing the vast array of beautiful options available to you, you'll begin to refine your idea of what constitutes the perfect granite for your home decorating project.
Some Granite Facts
Recent surveys show that granite is still the first choice for kitchen countertops. It's easy to see why: granite's combination of beauty, durability, and efficiency makes it almost irresistible. And homeowners in the Toronto area are fortunate to have several fine stone importers and distributors so close to home.
If you are planning a visit to a warehouse or showroom to look at granite slabs, there are a few things to know before you jump in the car. These include:
  • Whatever pattern or colour you choose, try to select a piece of granite with a consistent hue throughout. Otherwise seams may look very obvious, spoiling the look of the countertop.
  • Most homeowners opt for cream, brown, or black granite with a consistent pattern. These are the most neutral choices, suitable for many different decorating schemes. Lighter shades look best in smaller, more traditional spaces, while dark granite has a more contemporary feel.
  • If you are looking to make a more dramatic statement, ask to see exotic Brazilian and Italian granite. Unique colours and bold patterning ensure that your kitchen countertop will be one-of-a-kind.
  • There are three common finishes for granite: polished, with a high gloss that reflects light, honed, a smooth matte finish that's less reflective, and brushed, a textured matte finish achieved with the aid of a wire rotary brush.
  • After you've chosen your granite, you will need to consider what type of edging will fit best with your décor. These may include square, rounded square, beveled, and "bull-nose,” a heavily rounded option.
Don't be afraid to ask questions of the professionals at the stone warehouse. The more you know, the more likely you are to choose the perfect granite countertop for your kitchen!